Western Lights

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Western Lights

At a time when things were very unsettled in Britain, Edgar Walker’s fortunes and his popularity rose dramatically, then just as suddenly dropped. Before long he found a need to move his little family to another land, namely New Zealand. Here he settled happily and set about fulfilling his dreams for their future. Then comes a fascinating history of changes and developments, with new ideas, new situations and new people to fill his every need.

1833 abolition of slavery in UK, was repealed but still effective. Abolition of slavery again became a big issue. Plantation workers were all slaves kidnapped from usually African homelands. Entire villages, even tribes were wiped out.

By 1880 in England, families were divided by differing opinions. Social standing, once bolstered by the money made from slavery, now became shameful as the younger generation developed their own agendas. The Government agreed to pay out per head of slaves to either free them or pay them a small wage.

Edgar Walker moved to a new land where he could develop his skills as an entrepreneur just as he changed his whole world. An ex slaver he returned to his early plans and found different aims to plan and stimulate his life. As they grew older, his family each took their own pathway to the future.

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I enjoy writing, also helping seniors to learn to manage their computers. Other fav occupations are gardening, reading, painting, (pics not houses), and travel. Also I enjoy my little dog, Hobie. He is such a good companion when I am writing. Have now got all three books of the Kaipara Trilogy printed plus on Smashwords ebooks. If you love New Zealand you will enjoy discovering more about its clean green image and these books will help you do that. My bio Lucie was available from November 2012, several children's books and another trilogy on the way.

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