Meteor Riders

This New Zealand based adventure book leads young readers on an amazing adventure through tough times & irresistible challenges.Created for easy reading with good font sizing this non-picture book it is perfect for children 8-14 years old & for those learning English as a second language.



A change through time. An irresistible challenge.A chance to help.This is what it took to make life interesting for these young people. The rain of meteors caught the attention of more than one person that night. Andrew, Stephen and their new friends, Col and Stefan struggled to change things to make the world a better place as thousands more spent hours watching the display over the following weeks. By the time the meteors were finished for the year, the past and the future of their world were changed for ever.


In an old house on the outskirts of the city, Andrew sat in his wheelchair, watching as something flashed outside his bedroom window. The room was spacious; the bed at one end while a workbench with his computer equipment was at the other end. A side table and many bookshelves at the right height for a wheelchair person made for a completely independent world for him to occupy. Andrew’s voice carried clearly to the living room where his parents were watching TV. “Wow! Wouldya look at that! Hey Mum, Dad! Have a look at this!” As they entered his room, he moved aside slightly to allow them to peer out the window at the meteors that flashed across the skies. “Look! I never saw as many as this! They’re like sideways rain!” His mother grabbed a rug from the chair and dropped it across his shoulders. “Pretty chilly rain if you ask me. Here put this rug round your shoulders before you freeze to death.”

The wind was sharp and cold and in the darkening sky the first few stars were already glittering icily. They watched in silence for a while, but before long they went back to watching TV and Andrew wheeled himself back to the computer. Andrew’s friend Stephen was waiting for him to appear. Stephen lived on a back country sheep station, far to the south and the boys kept in touch most evenings and especially on the night for the weekly online meetings. There were several other boys who lived too far from town and this was their best means of communication. Most of their early education had been done on computers and by now the group was well versed in IT matters. Stephen was first on-line and his message was brief.


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